(Multiple Project For Bodies And Plastic)

A wonderful life is a theatre project of Metamorfosi Teatro. It consists of three parts, with a single theme. Each parts can be implemented separately. The titles of the three parts are:

–       One/A wonderful life/ The Barter, not only a street show

–       The plastic body, theatre workshop

–       One/A wonderful life (a study about body and plastic), performance

 This performance is ispired from a research about movement and about the contemporary, industrial and aseptic body. The latter is nowadays closely related to objects and plastic. In fact, everyday objects create, with their only presence, a new balance of the mind-body system. At the opposite, their absence generate a kind of deep embarrassment within our society. In our project we show the relationship between body/movement/object/plastic and the solitude of the contemporary body focusing on the continuous oscillation of the body between absence and ultra –presence. Through our work, we examine the relationship between man and plastic objects, in which the first tries to resemble more and more the second. In this way We reflect on the accumulation of plastic objects that survive for thousands of years.

The project is constantly changing and wants to be open to the society and feed the creativity of everybody. The work is based on philosophical and ethical references (Baudrillard, Augè, Bauman), on the sensitivity of the actors of the group and on the attention about social and environmental issues.

The Plastic items we use during the work and the performance are different every time, being donated by someone or recycled waste from daily life.


A Wonderful Life/The Barter (not only a street show)

Foto di Cristiana Cauro

An auctioneer with half mask and latex gloves leads  a group of musicians-sellers of obsolete plastic objects to a landfill. They find objects, barter them within them and with the audience, show how to use them. But each object will be used in an unusual and unconventional way, giving it new life. In this way the objects will not be forgotten by those who used them. The audience bring different plastic objects and during the performance they can leave them and take other. The plastic objects received, will be traded in the next show, and so on. The show wants to point out that plastic takes thousands of years, not as a human being.

The show is suitable for all ages, it can be represented either inside and outside and does not require technical equipments. The show is represented with live music.

With: Valentina Piazza, Francesca Pica, Davide Marzattinocci.

Directed by: Davide Marzattinocci.

Photos: Cristiana Cauro.


The plastic body. Theatre ecological workshop, for bodies and plastic.

The workshop is a way to share with participants the working methodology of Metamorfosi teatro.  The work focuses on research that the group is doing about the relationship between contemporary body and plastic objects. The work is based on an intense bodily experience, on contact with our own body and those of other and then on the relationship between body and objects, to reveal new aspects. In this way, we also recycle objects in the scene.

We don’t buy anything new, we reuse existing plastic objects. To take part of the workshop, partecipants are required to wear comfortable clothes and to bring one or more objects in plastic (not bought for the occasion). We request that the objects used  during workshop are kindly donated to Metamorfosi Teatro, as potentially material for our show. The duration of the workshop can be agreed. The work is adaptable for children, adults without theatrical experience as well as for professional actors.


A wonderful life (a study about body and plastic#2)


Foto di Alessia Cerqua

A wonderful life (a study about body and plastic#2),  is a performance which represents concretely thought and aesthetic of Metamorfosi Teatro.

It came from research about the relationship between man and object of plastic. As the name of the group metamorfosi, this show is constantly changing and is

enriched by the creative process and the relationship between actors and director. On stage there are only a few plastic objects, as well as there are few actors in action. The rest comes from the relationship with and between bodies. The show is consistently represented in its evolution to the  audience: we seek to involve everybody who want to have a dialogue with our theatrical form.


Foto di Alessia Cerqua

With Loredana Piacentino.

Directed by Davide Marzattinocci.

Photos:  Alessia Cerqua.

Foto di Alessia Cerqua


The Other Face.

workshop for bodies and Maschera.


Foto di Alessia Cerqua

The Metamorfosi Teatro’s way of acting using Maschera origins from an intensive research on actor’s work and his body action which is seen as his main instrument to act effectively on stage.

The workshop is a training stage based on some Maschere of the Commedia dell’Arte. The aim of this workshop is not to teach the stylized way of using Maschera as taught by the tradition, but it’s focused on the body and the presence of the actor on the stage and his interaction with the Maschera.

Foto di Alessia Cerqua

The main theme of this work is the physical research of a vital body that can “make live” the Maschera.

This approach is intended to let actors interact with Maschera in a broader way than just within the context of Commedia dell’Arte. For the workshop, it is required to wear comfortable white clothes. Theatrical experience is not required.

foto di Alessia Cerqua.

The workshop will be on:

-Physical training

-Corporal force line

-Maschera and corporal tension

-The meeting with the Maschera

-The flow and the action

-Maschera as body’s limit signal

-Rhythm and “lazzo”

-Expansion of body’s dramaturgy

-Canovaccio: a stable and flexible structure

-From the body with to the body without maschera: a possibility of  energy transmission







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